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Stay Calm, Live High-Risk Pregnancy in This Way

There are no pregnant women who want to undergo a high-risk pregnancy. However, this condition is often inevitable. Pregnant pregnant women, know how to safely undergo a high-risk pregnancy, so as to avoid dangerous complications. Pregnant women who experience high-risk pregnancies also still have the possibility of delivering healthy babies. The most important thing is to maintain good health and content, according to the doctor's recommendations. Risk Factors for High-Risk Pregnancy High-risk pregnancies can be detected as early as possible, the way to do an examination to the obstetrician before starting the pregnancy program. In general, there are five risk factors that can make a pregnancy classified as high risk, namely: 1. Age Pregnant under 17 years or pregnant over the age of 35 years are classified as high-risk pregnancies. Pregnancy at that age is considered more risky, compared to women who get pregnant between their 20s and early 30s. 2. body weight Overweigh
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Avoid Drying the Baby Directly in the Sun.

Drying the baby directly in the sun naked, is still widely practiced by parents. Though the action is actually not quite right. So that Mother is not wrong in drying the Little One, let's know how below. When Mother drying the Little One, sunlight will be absorbed to produce vitamin D which is useful for forming bones and teeth, helps absorb calcium, and regulates the baby's immune system. However, the skin is still very thin and sensitive to make baby's skin more susceptible to sunburn. Things to Look for when Drying Babies Before starting to dry the Little One, it's good Mother pay attention to the following things: Dry baby clothes by wearing clothes When you want to sunbathe, the baby should still wear clothes, so that the skin is still very thin does not burn. This applies to all babies, especially those under the age of 6 months. In addition, do not let your child staring directly at the sun. Do not dry the baby for too long Make sure you don'

9 Terrible Effect of Cigarettes for the Body

To find out how dangerous the content of cigarettes, can be seen from the many compounds present in cigarette smoke. There are about 5000 different compounds and some are toxic to the body, only from cigarette smoke. The toxic content of cigarettes has the potential to damage body cells. In addition, compounds in cigarette smoke are also carcinogenic, aka triggering cancer. In cigarettes, there are 250 types of toxic substances and 70 types of substances that are known to be carcinogenic. The content comes from the main raw material of cigarettes, namely tobacco. In addition, coloring agents commonly used to make cigarettes look more attractive can increase the potential toxins of cigarettes. Its addictive or addictive effect must also not be forgotten. Another thing to note is the ability of some cigarette ingredients that can change the physical properties of cigarette smoke, so that the levels of toxins and nicotine in a smoker's body become higher. Damaging Cigarette Cont